winter in wismar ( A5 photo book )

from duncan ó ceallaigh

80 pages, 75 b/w photos, A5 format
texts in english and german
isbn 3-00-017 836-8

it all started one winter when an old friend of mine from wisconsin paid me a visit here in wismar. we went out one day to heiligendamm - y'know, the place the G20 turned into a fortress for a summit a couple of years back. we travelled by train - one which on the one hand had been blessed with the sleek lines of a japanese bullet train but, presumably out of revenge or some warped sense of humour, had the engine and consequently the speed of a trabant. the snow-covered countryside trundled by - or to be more exact, it stood still while we did the trundling - the aforementioned friend told me about the book he and his father we writing. this set me thinking, not least about the mass of snow-filled photos i had taken in the previous two winters and which were piling up on my hard drive. putting two and two together in not dissimilar style to your average four year old, i ran by him the just-conceived notion of putting a book together myself, a photo book. “why not?” came the reply. rather than consider the no doubt numerous reasons why in fact i should not do such a thing, i just got on with it... well, myself with the generous help of two sponsors and the technical skills of ms. pfau. the results are now just a paypal payment away from being in your possession.

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duncan ó ceallaigh Wismar, Germany

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